Tracking Mentorship Program Outcomes

Unlock the full potential of your mentorship program with this actionable e-book for program administrators.

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Maximize Your Mentorship Program's Impact with Our Comprehensive E-Book

Unlock the secrets to a thriving mentorship program. Our in-depth e-book provides practical strategies, clear goal setting, effective survey design, data analysis techniques, and real-world examples that guide you to transform your mentorship program. Empower your mentors and mentees and boost your program's outcomes like never before.

Establish clear goals and KPIs to measure your program's success.

Set meaningful metrics to guide your program and measure success.

Design effective surveys and analyze data for actionable insights.

Develop efficient surveys to gather and analyze meaningful data.

Optimize your mentorship program with practical strategies and real-world examples.

Learn from best practices and success stories to optimize your program.

Foster powerful Mentor-Mentee relationships with results

Learn how to foster deeper connections and improve your program's impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this really free?


We're just sharing free knowledge so that programs can serve more people. We hope that this is helpful. Keep us in mind next time you need any additional support with running your program!

What is Firstly?

Firstly is a software platform that helps program administrators build program with measurable impact. Our mission is to accelerate economic mobility by creating capacity for change-makers to help more people!

What kinds of programs does Firstly support?

We provide administrators with the tools they need to run any kind of program, whether that's mentorship, career development, startup acceleration, bootcamps, or coaching!