Our Mission

Accelerate economic mobility by uniting changemakers across sectors.

Our Approach

Serve Changemakers

Changemakers are the educators, innovators, mentors, and leaders committed to making a difference. They strive to empower communities, enhance education, and advance career opportunities.

Connect Partners

It takes a village to launch transformational programs. By making it easier to collaborate, we help you strengthen your network and expand your reach.

Technology for Impact

Great technology can amplify social innovation. Our software is built to support your ambitious mission, making a measurable difference in the communities you serve.

Origin Story

In 2022, Kevin founded Firstly to accelerate economic mobility.

As a first-generation college student, I navigated college and career on my own. I was on the verge of dropping out when I struggled financially during my sophomore year, but I had a mentor who convinced me to stay. This set me on the path to economic mobility, and I graduated from college with a salary that topped my entire family's household income. 

But unfortunately, my story is an anomaly. 90% of students like me, who grew up below the poverty line, will drop out of college. I was incredibly lucky to have a mentor when I needed it the most.

I founded Firstly so more people can experience life-changing mentorships. By working with mission-driven organizations to launch programs in mentorship, coaching, and more, I hope that more people can achieve economic mobility.

Our Solutions

With our step-by-step builder, workflow automations, and impact measurement software, program administrators can save time on the manual facilitation needed to make a program successful, all in one place.

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Automate Facilitation

Streamline operations, save time and money, and launch programs faster with our solution

Guided Program Builder

Boost engagement with a structured program plan tailored to your unique mission.

Measure your Impact

Visualize and measure your program's impact with our comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Meet Team Firstly 👋

Strategic Advisors

Kate Berezo
National Director of Mentorship
Thrive Scholars, ex-Big Brothers Big Sisters
Lisa Yuan
Senior Principal, EdTech
Tyton Partners, Kellogg MBA, ex-Founder
Travis Nelson
Director, Alumni Association
CSU East Bay, ex-UC San Diego